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Kiersten and each labium to soften her up before he spanks anf floggs her. Then both hands are tied in front. In the next scene, Kiersten is thoroughly tied with her hands behind her back and her feet are cross tied and she is given one last gallon enema to clean her out before her selling.

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On to make sure it stays. Angelique, Tatiana ties her up with electric nipple clamps to her nipples. Then he stands her up and spread her legs and fingers her pussy and tits. The next scene, Angelique is hung upside down by her spread ankles. She should be bound with neck ties. She turns out to be a good girl and Angelique gets below her surface to reveal a wet pussy.

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Holly sucks like a champ! Melissa invites Julianna over for some lessons on domination. They both have a stocking fetish, and at first it sounds like Melissa is into rough sex but maybe not the type Julianna is intending.

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The first time Ella has left Diamond a hot new slave to try out in his back room. He will be smothered and his cock whipped! In her gaping ass as she begs for more and gets multiple orgasms through over five minutes of vibrating pussy action. The magic wand right onto her exposed pussy.

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Reward her hard work with a hard pussy fucking with a Fucksall, but control the little cockslut's orgasm. Confront her with the head box and reduce her to tears while locking the cruel device firmly around her submissive throat. Test her resolve with a whip and a vibe, making her come while locked away in the dark box. Train her to maintain her composure when hit with the prod in preparation for her last day with Princess Donna.

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The very sexy Mia Stiletto is back for part two of her first BDSM porn shoot ever. We bind her at the waist, pushing her hips down on the vibrator so there is no chance of her pushing up off it for relief. Now, for the intensive therapeutic part. We turn the Sybian on and flog Mia's gorgeous tits.

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